Explore Malaysia's 4D Lotto Prize Structure on Perdana4D

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the prize structure for Malaysia's exciting 4D Lotto, as featured on perdana4d.live. This structure applies to a variety of lottery games such as TOTO 4D, Da Ma Chai 4D, Magnum 4D, Good 4D, Perdana 4d, and others. Please note that this prize structure is dynamic and may vary according to management decisions and market fluctuations.

This detailed prize structure relates to each individual bet placed on a 4D ticket number, applicable for both Malaysia 4D and Singapore 4D lottery games.

Here's an example for clarity: Suppose you place a $1 bet on the number 1234 under the BIG category of the Normal package. If this number emerges as the first prize in the draw, you stand to win $3500. A $1 bet in the Small category could yield $5000, while choosing category A can lead to a win of $8000 for the same bet.

Perdana4D offers an exciting rebate price structure, where a percentage of your bet amount is automatically credited back to your Perdana4d e-wallet or personal wallet the following day. For instance, under the Normal Package, betting a total of $100 today could earn you a 9% rebate, equating to $9 returned to your wallet the next day. We offer three distinct levels of 4D cash rebates in our system.

Additionally, there's an opportunity to earn extra income at no cost. By sharing your unique member link or QR code, you can benefit from purchases made by your network. Each purchase of 4D tickets by your network contributes to your group income, calculated and rebated as per the following table. For example, if your first-level group bets a total of $100k in a month, you could earn an additional network income of $1k. By simply sharing your member ID, you can earn up to two levels as a downline member.

Lotto 4D Package 1 Prices Structure


Lotto 4D Package 2 Prices Structure


Lotto 4D Package 3 Prices Structure


Lotto 4D GNL 3PM/7PM Package Prices Structure